Business Account

Stay legally compliant and protected separating your personal & business expenses while allowing your business efficient global expansion saving on fees, taxes and time. Setting up your Business Account with EuroTrust Capital takes just 2 working days!

  • EuroTrust Capital Business IBAN account brings the freedom to control your finances in multiple currencies – over 25 currencies are currently available within a single account.
  • Account holders receive 24/7 access to their accounts via a secure online banking platform that allows the checking of balances, viewing of credits/debits, internal account transfers and SEPA / SWIFT outgoing transfers.
  • Currency conversions and remitting funds around the world are made easy.
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Business Account

  • Accounts are available to EU, UK and International clients.
  • Multiple channels for incoming and outgoing payments are available.
  • Multiple pay-out solutions permit bulk payments to various countries for salaries, commissions, etc.
  • Privacy assured. Business Accounts are subject to strict privacy laws, ensuring that your business stays “your business”
  • Accounts may be opened online in just a few simple steps – personal visits to our office are not required.
  • Funds are secured under the safest financial regulatory proceedings of Sweden.
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How Does It Work?

Purchase, Pay, Transfer, And Receive Funds To And From Your Account!

  • 1 Sign-up
  • 2 Accept Trust Deed/Terms and Conditions
  • 3 Get Approval and Authentication from ETC
  • 4 Transfer And Access Your Money Anytime, Anywhere In The World

Why is Eurotrust Capital a Preferred Choice?

EuroTrust Capital is a Swedish regulated trust company in full compliance to:

Professional Trustee:

EuroTrust Capital KB Registration Number: 969790-9878

Supervisory Authority:

Stockholm County Administrative Board – “Länstyrelsen”

Authority for AML/CFT and STR Reporting:

Swedish Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) – “Finanspolisen”